Bewegungschor im Silchersaal


Concept & performance: Teresa Isabella Mayer

Sound: Nikola Jeremic

08.11.2015 Silchersaal Tübingen, Französische Filmtage

Within the interactive dance project “Bewegungschor im Silchersaal” choreographer Teresa Isabella Mayer, follows the footsteps of Rudolph von Laban, who, inter alia, based his dance work on his studies of movement with factory workers. In 1922 he founded the school Hamburger Bewegungschöre. Laban found a form of expression that was especially developed for amateurs. The film “Metropolis”, which deals about the liberation of man from the slave shaft of machinery, was another source of inspiration of “Bewegungschor im Silchersaal”. According to that composer and musician, Nikola Jeremic, developed a sound installation, based on authentic sounds of old sewing machines. In this spontaneous happening the audience acts as an active participant and is invited to dive into a journey of exploration.