POLYTONIA / 2005-2009

Concept & performance: Teresa Isabella Mayer

Sound: Nikola Jeremic

performed at: Kosmostheater/Vienna (2005); Dock11/Berlin (2006); Ada-Studio/Berlin (2007); Swanday-festival/Berlin (2008) & Experyment-festival/Poland (2009)

“A cycle of images, a back and forth between the poles of rest and movement, relaxation and ecstasy. Just as in the sleep the externally becalmed, even paralyzed body is opposed to the tension and excitement of dreams, so do the images in “Polytonia” and still they are inseparable parts of a greater unit, which can be experienced in the night but never be completely understood. The body works here as a transformer of this experience, makes us see what stays usually hidden, because we loose ourselves each night again. As we are able to observe the body moved by the experience of sleep, we experience at the same time a feedback on our own body in a form as we know it from diving into the depths of  our unconsciousness which we strip off every morning, when we wake up and abruptly realize where we come from, just as suddenly we would remember pieces of a dream we had forgotten yet.” (Christian Mayer)