A performative, poetic approach, interactive performance 

Concept & Performance: Teresa Isabella Mayer

Text: Teresa Isabella Mayer, speaker: Zoe Hutmacher

Within the frame of the exhibition “Kunstschätze aus Niederösterreich” at Kunsthalle Tübingen / 12th and 26th of April, 2024

Choreographer Teresa Isabella Mayer enables the participants as part of a performative parcours, a poetic-dance encounter with the works by including them as active partners in the performance. Not only the visual, but much more the body perception is addressed and created space for poetry and imagery.
Immerse yourself in the shared dance process as part of a collective experience. Inspired by the theme of the exhibition, Teresa wrote a text with the title “Kunstschätze”. This abstract text was played at certain moments during the performance and formed a poetic phrame.