Sie treffen sich über Wasser

dance performance with Hartmut Andres (text/voice)

The elementary things in life seem so certain and settled, so taken for granted, that we don’t usually wonder if they really are. At the moment, however, we are all becoming aware of how fixed structures and habits can be questioned and how nothing really seems to be planned anymore. A certain feeling of being lost and powerless is spreading in our society.
The performance “They meet over water” approaches this phenomenon by primarily using texts and structures that depend on chance as the working basis. This makes it possible for things to come into contact with one another and for relationships to develop that were previously unthinkable. Suddenly new perspectives arise, conventions are questioned. Uncertainty becomes opportunity!

Idea / speaker / Performance: Hartmut Andres

Choreography / Performance: Teresa Isabella Mayer

2nd of October 2021 at d.a.i Tübingen

15th of October 2021 at Pact-Festival – Casino Tübingen

7th of May 2022 at Kulturnacht Tübingen

supported by: Universitätsstadt Tübingen, SWT, Bürgerstiftung Tübingen und vom Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung & Kunst